E-Learning Platform changelog
E-Learning Platform changelog

Print Option Enabled in Document Viewer


New Feature



We have added an option to allow users to print documents directly from the document viewer.

  1. Enabling the print option


  1. Print icon in document viewer


Remove Chapter, Lecture & Numbering From Course Structure


New Feature



Users can now enable/disable the words Chapter & Lecture from the course structure and also choose to enable/disable numbering.

Chapter, lecture, and numbering enabled


Chapter, lecture, and numbering disabled


Virtual Classroom Update (July 15, 2021)





We have rolled out a major update to our Virtual Classroom platform across all datacenter locations. The new update comes with major performance improvements, new features & minor bug fixes.

New Features

  1. [NEW Feature] Now attendees with whiteboard access can copy an image from anywhere and paste it in the whiteboard directly.
  2. [NEW Feature] Color of SEND button in chat can now be customized.


  1. [Improvement] Newly opened popup window now overlaps the previously opened popup window.
  2. [Improvement] Students in breakout rooms can now see lesson timer.
  3. [Improvement] Students without special rights can now insert images on whiteboard.
  4. [Improvement] Improved CPU Optimization.
  5. [Improvement] All 10 global datacenter locations has been greatly optimized with our improved congestion control technology to help overcome unpredictable mobile data network conditions such as packet loss and jitter.


  1. [Fix] Screen sharing title now translates automatically while changing the language.
  2. [Fix] Fixed students seeing incorrect page when teacher switches document pages while students' VC tab loads.
  3. [Fix] Fixed Students not being able to send problem report after class finishes.
  4. [Fix] Fixed student timer not getting updated when teachers extend lesson time in breakout room.
  5. [Fix] Fixed students in breakout room not seeing end-of-class alert when teacher manually ends the class.
  6. [Fix] Fixed student-presenter losing the role when teachers enter the breakout room.
  7. [Fix] Fixed connectivity test for upload speed showing inadequate result.





Course Review Page Layout Change





We have redesigned the courses page in the eLearning platform with tab based content to improve the readability and to speed up your workflow. The top bar now contains information on Certificates, Instructional level, and Language.


Course description, structure, instructor bio, and reviews have been added to the navigation bar to help users better navigate through the courses page.


Also, in the new layout, comments on courses has been pushed to the bottom and the star rating has been made to appear in full width horizontally.


We have also added a new section in the bottom of the courses page listing the other courses published by the instructor.


Learner/Instructor Dashboard Reorganized





We have reorganized the Instructor and Learner dashboards with tab based content. For the first glance, you’ll probably notice that everything is super clean and neat, because we’ve cut off the unnecessary functions and UI elements. Our goal was to make this refresh as unobtrusive as possible, but improve navigation, readability and speed up your workflow.

Instructor Dashboard

Instructor dashboard EP  changelog.png

Learner Dashboard


Virtual Classoom Update (April 3, 2021)





We have now upgraded our new Virtual Classroom build across all global datacenter locations and have come up with some major performance improvements and feature updates.

Performance Improvements

  1. [IMPROVEMENT] High-quality MP4 video encodings in the cloud through quality-defined variable bitrate (QVBR) control which is designed to deliver constant video quality and waste zero bits in the process.
  2. [IMPROVEMENT] Improved Simulcast technology for better audio and video performance
  3. [IMPROVEMENT] Improved performance with Safari 12+ browser
  4. [IMPROVEMENT] Documents on the whiteboard will now load faster for attendees joining the session late
  5. [IMPROVEMENT] Users can now delete the saved boards from library
  6. [IMPROVEMENT] Users can customize the SEND button color in chat
  7. [IMPROVEMENT] Updated translations (Arabic & German) in Virtual Classroom environment
  8. [IMPROVEMENT] Users need to confirm before deleting a board
  9. [IMPROVEMENT] Delete board button has been moved to the right

Bug Fixes

  • [Fix] When teacher hides global chat, private chats between teacher and students are now available
  • [Fix] Fixed YouTube video's sound playing with delay for the user who started it
  • [Fix] Fixed the incorrect toggles in right to left interface
  • [Fix] Fixed incorrect toggles in right-to-left interface
  • [Fix] Fixed Down arrows in drop-down lists in class settings getting misplaced in right-to-left interface
  • [Fix] Previous private chat history is now accessible to users after re-entering the VC
  • [FIX] Fixed Video quality reducing from high to standard when switching to expanded mode from enlarged mode
  • [FIX] Fixed the error where users cannot see mic indicator in Settings in Mozilla and Safari browsers
  • [FIX] Text tool is not always properly activated
  • [FIX] Code editor tabs do not scroll vertically or horizontally beyond the first tab in mobile version
  • [FIX] Recording does not continue after the presenter stops viewing the BreakRoom
  • [Fix] Move "delete board" button to the right
  • [Fix] Presenter sometimes sees the "Waiting for presenter" popup when entering the room
  • [Fix] Screen sharing tooltip language is localized only after refreshing the page
  • [Fix] Remove deleting option for files in document and video library
  • [Fix] User sees own text typed in text tool on a wrong tab when another user switches tabs during typing
  • [Fix] Previous private chat history is not accessible to user after re-entering the VC
  • [Fix] Users sometimes cannot close screensharing tab if they move between rooms without turning screensharing off
  • [Fix] Text tool area doesn't increase when user types in several lines in Firefox
  • [Fix] User needs to click Enter twice in the same line to get to a new line in Text tool
  • [Fix] Recording button should not be clickable in rooms with isRecord=3
  • [Fix] User sees new board content on a wrong tab if new content was placed while VC's browser tab was not active
  • [Fix] User in safari does not see list of available devices
  • [Fix] User doesn't see mic indicator in Settings in Mozilla and Safari
  • [Fix] Safari 12.1 ignores devices saved in local storage
  • [Fix] Unexpected behavior when teacher switches document pages while student's VC tab is inactive
  • [Fix] Unexpected behavior when user types in text tool in several lines and switches tabs
  • [Fix] Video quality reduces from high to standard when leaving from enlarged mode to expanded mode
  • [Fix] User cannot turn 16:9 aspect ration on
  • [Fix] Auto select speaker icon in enlarged conference screen doesn't work sometimes
  • [Fix] There is no sound for finished library videos re-played after recording starts
  • [Fix] Line breaks in text tool are ignored when user stops typing on Android devices with Gboard
  • [Fix] Users HD stream has SD bitrate if another user receives the HD stream
  • [Fix] Incoming audio bitrate is not calculated properly in Info popup
  • [Fix] Sometimes text from text tool appears on the wrong tab for attendees if the tab is switched during typing
  • [Fix] Snapshot appears atop of the video when teacher makes a snapshot of student's video in collapsed or expanded video chat
  • [Fix] Scrollbar in tabs panel should be thinner in Firefox
  • [Fix] Newly opened popup window should overlap previously opened popup window
  • [Fix] Investigate abnormal sound on few user recordings
  • [Fix] Forbid recording in Safari 11 and less (These versions won't work correctly, because they are outdated)
  • [Fix] If user uploads images in chat during recording, the recording file comes out damaged
  • [Fix] Safari: recording doesn't start if there is a video playing in video tool

We No Longer Support Adobe Flash Player


New Feature



Adobe has stopped supporting its iconic flash player starting December 31, 2020 and has blocked Flash content from running in Flash Player beginning January 12, 2021.

Owing to security reasons, we no longer support uploading Flash content in the content library or using Flash interactive content in your courses.

Virtual Classroom Update (January 31, 2021)





We have rolled out a new update to our Virtual Classroom platform. The new update comes with 4 major performance improvements, 11 major bug fixes, and some minor bug fixes.

Performance Improvements

  • [IMPROVEMENT] Recording improvements for faster processing
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Better optimized audio & video performance with iOS devices running Safari 12+ browser
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Seamless connectivity and better performance even when there are more than 100 attendees in a room
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improved connectivity test results

Bug Fixes

  • [FIX] User's placeholder background in attendee list briefly disappears when user enters the VC
  • [FIX] Chat panel icons are upside down when the panel is collapsed in right-to-left interface
  • [FIX] User cannot upload files from cloud services
  • [FIX] The teacher(s) should always be at the top of the attendee list
  • [FIX] Content in Latex tool is misplaced in right-to-left interface
  • [FIX] Wolfram alpha examples button is overlapped by text in right-to-left interface
  • [FIX] Expanded mode videos are misplaced in right-to-left interface
  • [FIX] VC board interface breaks when users try to draw on the board before the board is loaded
  • [FIX] Student-presenters cannot scroll whiteboard inside Breakrooms
  • [FIX] Change code editor tooltip style
  • [FIX] Recording does not start automatically for the second teacher when the first teacher leaves the room

Sharing course links in Facebook and Open Graph (OG) metadata





Facebook had blocked sharing of BrainCert instructor's course links as a false positive from their automation. This has been resolved by working with their business support team.

When sharing a course link in Facebook, you will notice few details that auto-populate through Open Graph (OG) metadata. BrainCert uses Open Graph meta tags to ensure the Facebook Crawler scrapes useful information, such as course title, description, course URL and preview image, about your course.


Our newly redesigned E-Learning Platform is now live!





We're excited to announce the launch of a head-to-toe complete redesign of our E-Learning platform that provides customers with a clean design, ease of navigation, and seamless user experience across all products. The responsive design has been enhanced for better experience in mobile, tablet and desktop viewing.

Platform users can now easily navigate and connect courses, tests, classes, and data with a single, connected system. The enhancements we have made to our platform will provide a more role-based web experience, making it even easier for our learners and instructors to navigate and stay productive.

Core updates include:

Seamless user experience and ease of navigation

Our UI is improved to a great extent enabling greater user ability. Users can now navigate easily with a smooth, intuitive, and user-friendly interface.

Improved analytics and reporting

Our analytics and reporting feature is improved to a great extent with support for very large data sets. Earning graph overview is displayed on the Instructor dashboard with details on total courses and tests sold.

Role-based dashboards for students and instructors

Now our instructor and student have a role-based individual dashboard with improved features.

Improved social profiles

Improved social profiles with the informations about the profile followers and number of contacts displayed on the profile homepage.

Improved profile privacy settings

Improved profile settings where profile can be restricted to contacts, public and site members.

Easy navigate between BrainCert products

With an intuitive menu system, customers can now easily navigate between BrainCert platform and products making it easy to consume different products all in one place.

Improved Virtual Classroom experience

Built upon scalable, secure and reengineered architecture, BrainCert Virtual Classroom offers end-to-end encryption and stable connectivity across 10 global datacenter locations.

  • Upgraded core infrastructure for fastest WebRTC connectivity
  • Improved processing of MP4 recorded files
  • Background ambient noise reduction
  • Superior support for VP8 codec in iOS 14+ devices
  • Optimized user interface for Android and iOS mobile users